Possibly the name Urbidermis does not sound very familiar but maybe the name Santa & Cole Urban tells you something more or you have already seen the name Santa & Cole on one of our elements in the public space. 

For some years now, as part of Santa & Cole years, the urban devision of Santa & Cole has stood on its own feet within the group under the name Urbidermis. 

Expertise en innovation 

Urbidermis, also known by its former name Santa & Cole Urban, has been transforming public spaces with sustainable and aesthetic solutions since 1987. Originally founded to renew Barcelona's landscape for the 1992 Olympics, Urbidermis continues to set global standards for urban environments.

At Urbidermis, tradition and innovation come together. Our extensive product range, including urban lighting, benches, tables and planters, is designed for durability and aesthetic appeal. With PEFC-certified wood and recyclable metals, we are committed to eco-friendliness and superior quality..

Sustainability is at the heart of Urbidermis. Our headquarters in Parc de Belloch aims to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2025. We maintain Cradle to Cradle, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications, ensuring eco-friendly practices and local production to reduce our carbon footprint.

Comprehensive product range

Our product range includes a wide range of urban lighting solutions such as lanterns on lighting poles, floodlights and wall lights. In addition, our urban furniture offers a selection of benches, tables and tree grills, all designed to meet the requirements and especially the challenges of public and semi-public spaces.


Sustainable and ecologically responsible

We see sustainability as the area where management, ecology and design meet: three young disciplines that are very independent of each other, which grew in the 20th century and are unavoidable today. We live in a world of organisations in which we are all concerned with preserving the planet and in which design plays a fundamental role. Good design is sustainable.

Services for sustainability:

Urbidermis is committed to sustainability in all aspects of their operations. 
Our services in this area include:

  • Environmentally friendly materials: 
    Use of sustainable, recyclable and renewable materials in all products.
  • Local production: 
    Manufacturing within a 200-kilometre radius of their headquarters to reduce their carbon footprint
  • Environmental certifications: 
    Complies with Cradle to Cradle, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards to ensure environmental responsibility.​

Signatory to the United Nations Global Compact, which promotes the Sustainable Development Goals, we feel bound by it and strive to get better every day. It is a journey, not a goal. It is a habit and a morality, not a statement. We set ourselves goals and regularly measure our impact and progress.

Urbidermis also aims for zero carbon emissions by 2025, demonstrating our commitment to long-term sustainability.