Our partners

With brands such as Escofet 1886, Urbidermis by Santa & Cole and Larus Design in its portfolio, Servibo has steadfast partners to add value to your projects in public and semi-public spaces.

Urbidermis by Santa & Cole

Santa & Cole is a well-known Barcelona-based publisher of design furniture both for indoor and outdoor spaces. Since 2019, the outdoor division has been given its own company : Urbidermis. Santa & Cole's products and well-known quality will continue to exist under Urbidermis.

Escofet 1886

With 1886 in their company name, Escofet shows not only their experience but also their history to the global player they are today. Since 2023, Escofet has been part of the Molins group, which manufactures innovative products for the construction industry..  

Larus Design

Larus is still a young but creative player with a wide range of knowledge and potential when it comes to street furniture. An in-house team of talented designers working together with some renowned names to produce and customise street furniture according to customer requirements.