About Servibo

Every company is characterised by its founder and the people who serve it every day. We therefore feel that Servibo's history helps shape the current DNA of our company.

How Servibo became a distributor of designer street furniture for the Escofet, Urbidermis by Santa & Cole and Larus Design brands can be found below along with more information about our suppliers.

Our history  Our suppliers

Foto of Oprichter Guido Goossens

Our history

The beginning for Servibo

Servibo was founded in 1977 by Guido Goossens as a supplier of ornamental paving. Over the years, Servibo has increasingly profiled itself as a supplier of street furniture better said design street furniture.

From ornamental paving to street furniture

The Olympic Games in 1996 were the turning point for Servibo, as these took place in Barcelona. As host, the city made huge investments in public spaces and wanted to be a global showcase. Some local players like Escofet 1886 and Santa & Cole worked diligently to fill in the public space. The existing cooperation between Servibo and Escofet 1886 in paving soon became one in design street furniture.

Servibo was the first to introduce design street furniture on the Belgian market. Today, cities like Ostend, Brussels, Ghent and many others rely on the benches and other forms of street furniture offered by Servibo.

Servibo today

The benches of Escofet 1886 and Santa & Cole (now Urbidermis) can be found in almost all Belgian cities and municipalities. The quality and timeless design of the street furniture has contributed to the fact that even after ten years, many of these elements are still diligently used at various locations in Belgium.

Over the years, the product range has been further expanded with several partnerships, other brands and products. A wide range of products and solutions ensure a sustainable and creative interpretation of public spaces.

The future expectations of Servibo

A sustainable and high-quality public space is what we as a company want to contribute to, not only today but also in the future. Street furniture ranging from benches and demarcation posts to litter bins form an integral part of the equipment of public spaces. Not only our street furniture suppliers such as Urbidermis, Escofet and Larus Design but also Servibo wants to play an active role in this.

It should not just be about products but about experiences. The users of parks, public gardens or squares are going to make more and more demands on the public space. The trend of downsizing and densification of village centres and cities will only increase the importance of communal meeting places. Quality will increasingly take precedence over thoughtless and superficial infill of the public domain.

Our suppliers

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Urbidermis by Santa & Cole

Santa & Cole is a well-known Barcelona-based publisher of design furniture both for indoor and outdoor spaces. Since 2019, the outdoor department has acquired its own company : Urbidermis. Santa & Cole's products and well-known quality will continue to exist under Urbidermis.

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Escofet 1886

A brief introduction of the Escofet 1886 company with their history to the global player they are today.

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Larus Design

Larus is still a young but creative player with a wide range of knowledge and potential when it comes to street furniture. An in-house team of talented designers working with some renowned names to produce and customise street furniture according to customer requirements.

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