Design picknick table Tramet 250®

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Escofet 1886 - TEST

Product description

The design of the Tramet ® collection is characterised by a simple and neutral design that blends perfectly into both natural and urban spaces. The main features of these Tramet elements can be described as follows: 

Non-common use. 

Removes itself from the classic conception of the bench with backrest. Lends itself to flexible use: appeals to an audience that uses the bench differently from an ordinary bench. It is more the concept of an "urban divan". 


The bench is designed to guarantee maximum durability and in this it surpasses its rivals currently on the market. It endures more intensive use and more difficult climatic conditions because it is very robust and can withstand vandalism. It requires no maintenance, ages beautifully and has a very long lifespan. 


The bench is particularly suitable as a border or boundary between different applications. Yet its formal simplicity and perfect symmetry enhance its great versatility and prevent the effect of a visual or physical barrier. 

One can place the bench alone or several benches in line, like a long train, on both hard and soft surfaces. Its material characteristics, texture and colour allow it to be easily integrated into a wide spectrum of environments.