Design bench Box 250 ® Recycled

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Escofet 1886 TEST

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As its name suggests, Box is a basic backless bench that explores concepts already anticipated in other Escofet products. A moulded concrete parallelepiped with clean edges that levitates above its own shadow. The embedded complements of teak wood seat, compatible with Box 200, provide comfort and colour to the collection.

A modular backless bench with a width of 50 cm and variable lengths based on the 50 cm module. With lengths of 250, 200, 150, 100 and 50 cm. Environmentally-sustainable product with an external natural stone finish using local recycled aggregates, in a formulation that replaces the use of natural aggregates. Eco-Grey® and Eco-Black®, with the CE marking.

Moulded concrete, etched finish with recycled aggregate option. Eco-Grey® with recycled concrete aggregates for models manufactured in grey and Eco-Black® with aggregates from iron and steel slag with a high specific weight, an improved wear parameter and high resistance to freeze-thaw cycles. Optional seat made of solid Teak wood slats, jointed with black elastomer.

Resting on the paving, and optionally anchored with two screws threaded through sleeves recessed in base. Sunken baseboard with sling mounting holes to facilitate transport and installation.

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